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To report any service issues. Contacting Optimum via any of these channels will result in a trouble ticket being created that will direct a repair team to assess and address the issue:

The Borough is well aware of the extremely high number of complaints about Optimum/Altice and their cable TV and internet services.  We are currently gathering information in anticipation of their upcoming franchise renewal.  As such, we are requesting that if you are a Ringwood resident or business and have had issues with your cable television or internet service; please CLICK HERE to email us the following information:  your first and last name; e-mail address; phone number; address; how many times you have contacted the cable provider regarding your issue; and also approximately how many hours you have been without or been with degraded service.  We request that this information be completed regardless of complaints you may have submitted previously through any other forum or email.  

**Please understand that completing this email is solely to provide information to the Borough on customer satisfaction and assist us in our negotiations. We hope negotiations will ultimately result in an improved service to the community as a whole.  Completing this form will not directly solve any issue you may be having.**

To provide additional resources to our residents, it is recommended that if you are having cable issues that have not been corrected; you may email Marilyn Davis, Area Director of Government Affairs for Altice USA at and Shirley Michael at

Additionally, as the Borough has no oversight over cable Television or Internet providers; a complaint may be filed with the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities by clicking HERE

We appreciate your assistance in providing us this valuable information.

Scott Heck, Borough Manager