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Do I Need an Inspection?

All projects for which permits have been issued are required to be inspected. Inspections ensure that the work performed complies with the current codes. There is no fee for inspections, as it is covered by the permit fee.

Some projects require more than one inspection. The building department can guide you on this.* Remember to call for "final inspection," as applicable. Do not assume that your contractor has taken care of this requirement. Ultimately, the property owner is the responsible party.

Upon successful completion of an inspection, the inspector will leave an approval sticker at the work site, and/or a Certificate of Approval or Certificate of Occupancy will be mailed to the owner after the successful completion of all required inspections of the project.


TIP: The trend nowadays is for homebuyers to request a permit history on a prospective property. The timely inspection and "closing out" of your open permits will help prevent any last-minute issues when selling your home.



Inspections are performed during the following hours:

Building                        Monday and Thursday                  Noon to 4 pm

Electrical                       Tuesday and Thursday                  Noon to 4 pm

Plumbing                      Tuesday and Thursday                 Noon to 4 pm

Fire                                Monday through Thursday          Noon to 4 pm


Which Inspections Does My Project Require?

The inspector must see the rough work before it is covered:

    •     Open hole before pouring footing

    •     Open trench for conduits

    •     Preparation before pouring slab

    •     Open tank and/or open hole for tank removal or abandonment

    •     Foundation before backfill

    •     Rough electric and plumbing before framing

    •     Framing before insulation

    •     Insulation before sheetrock

    •     Final inspection for each permit issued (building, electric, plumbing, fire)

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