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Find Out If You Need Zoning Approval Before Starting Your Project

Certain projects require prior approval before a permit will be issued and before work can start. The homeowner fills out and submits the forms which are then reviewed by the Zoning and Health departments. The homeowner will be notified of the status of the application. There is no fee for prior approval review.

The projects listed below require prior approval. Click on each for the applicable prior approval packet.

    •     Installation of a pool: in-ground, above ground, and inflatable

    •     Installation of spas or hot tubs

    •     Building or replacing a deck or porch

    •     Putting on an addition  

    •     Installation or replacement of a shed, membrane structure, or detached garage 

    •     Installation of gazebos and cabanas

    •     Installation of a patio


The following is regulated by Ordinance and requires certain reviews prior to approval:

    •     Soil movement (click here for soil movement permit)

    •     Fencing (click here for Fencing information)

    •     Dog runs and kennels

    •     Animal Shelters- including hutches, chicken coops, barns, and corrals

If you are unsure if your project requires prior approval, call us at (973) 962-7880.

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