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Buying or Selling a Home? 

Does Ringwood require a CCO inspection upon resale of a home?
No, but you ARE required to have the smoke alarm devices inspected. CLICK HERE for complete information.

Ringwood does not have a Certificate of Continued Occupancy program for the sale of a residential home [Ordinance 40-17.3 (b)]. If you need a letter stating that a CCO is not required, you must request it in writing and include the fee of $15.00, payable to Borough of Ringwood. Please allow ample time before your closing.

I'm selling my house. Do I have to remove my underground oil storage tank?
No. As long as the tank is still being used and it is not leaking, or has been previously abandoned in place (with permits and it has passed inspection), it may remain in place. A prospective buyer may want the tank removed, but that is a contractual negotiation between you and the buyer. 

The buyer's home inspector said some items are not up to code. Do I have to bring them up to the current code?
No. An existing building that conformed to the code when it was built is not required to conform to newer building codes. 

How do I find out if there is an oil tank on a property?
Submit an Open Public Records request form to the Borough Clerk with your specific question.  

How do I find out about the septic and well on a property?
These are Health Department matters (973-475-7079), but the procedure is the same as above – Submit an Open Public Records request form to the Borough Clerk with your specific questions. 

How do I get a survey from the town?
The Borough does not have surveys. A survey is a private transaction, typically ordered by the buyer at the time of purchase of a property. If a survey was provided to the building department as part of a project, there is a chance that it will be in the permit file, but State rules do not require the retention of surveys.

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