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How to Get Electrical Service Restored

STEP 1          Have a licensed electrician take out a permit with this office for a "service reconnection."

STEP 2          Call for an electrical inspection. The electrical contractor or homeowner must be on site for the inspection to remove and reinstall covers. Ground rod locations, if required, must be marked.

Upon passing the inspection, the Borough's electrical inspector will issue a "Cut-In Card," which is the means to tell the utility company that it is safe to restore power. The Building Department will fax the Cut-In Card to the utility company the same day that the inspection passes.

If the covers are not reinstalled at the inspection, a Cut-in Card and/or Certificate of Approval will not be issued until the Building Department has received written notification that covers were reinstalled. Be sure to reference the property address in the submission. You can submit via fax (973-962-7823), email ( or mail.

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