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Tree Removal

Chapter XXIV – Tree Preservation and Protection of the Revised Ordinances of the Borough of Ringwood, regulates the removal of trees on private property in certain cases. All standing trees, even if dead, require a permit to remove.

If you are contemplating removing a tree on your property:

STEP 1:      Measure the circumference of the tree from four (4) feet off the ground. Divide that number by 3.14. If the result is 4.0" or greater, a permit is required.

STEP 2:      CLICK HERE for the Tree Removal Permit Application

STEP 3:      Submit your completed application and application fee to the Building Department. When approved, the approval letter and placard will be mailed to you. Do not remove any trees before obtaining approval.

 TIP: A new State law, The Licensed Tree Expert and Licensed Tree Care Operator Act, went into effect in 2018. Anyone you hire to perform tree work must be licensed and registered with the State. N.J.S.A. 5:15C-11 et seq.

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