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Do I Need a Permit for a Shed?


    •     Accessory Storage Structures over 200 square feet and/or height greater than 10 feet require prior approvals, permits, and footings.

    •     Accessory Storage Structures 200 square feet or less and 10 feet or less in height require prior approvals but do not require a permit or footings. 

All storage structures/sheds, regardless of size, require prior approval. Click Here  

TIP: If you are running electrical into the shed, you will need an Electrical permit, even if the shed size doesn't trigger a Building permit. A Building permit for the shed IS required if you are connecting gas, water, or a sewer line to your shed, regardless of shed size. 

Where Can I Place a Shed? 

Residential Sheds under 120 square feet and less than 10 feet high can be placed as close as five (5) feet from the side or rear property line as long as they are behind the rear building wall of the residence. 

All storage structures/sheds must conform to the zoning setbacks if placed in the side or front yard.

Click here for the zoning map to determine your property's zone. 

Click here for the chart of setbacks for your zone. 

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