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Property Maintenance

The Building Department is the office that enforces the Property Maintenance Code (click here for Chapter XIII of the Revised Ordinances of the Borough of Ringwood) which is the law enacted to ensure that an existing structure and its exteriors are maintained in a safe and blight-free manner. Property maintenance violations may include garbage, litter, unsightly buildings, or unregistered or “junk” vehicles. You may report any property maintenance code violations to the Building Department by submitting the Complaint Form.

All reports of alleged infractions made to the Code Enforcement Officer are investigated, and corrective action is taken when justified. Therefore, we appreciate your refraining from requesting a status update.


TIP: Our experience suggests that there is often an assumption that a particular condition or activity is an infraction of the Borough Code when in fact it is not. Anonymous complaints deprive us the ability to let you know that the condition/activity is not a violation, thus leaving you with the impression that the matter was not addressed.

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