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I'm Moving My Business to Ringwood. What Is Required?


Is Your Business Permitted in the Zone?

CLICK HERE for the zoning map to determine the zone of your intended location

CLICK HERE for the List of Permitted Uses by Zone, from the Borough Code of Ordinances


Change of Use Application

If there will be no change to the existing business other than ownership, no application needs to be made to the Building Department. You are required, however, to contact Fire Prevention at 973-475-7132 to change the contact information.

If the change is more than just ownership, your application will be reviewed by Zoning to determine if the proposed business is a permitted principal use and if it needs a variance. The application will also be reviewed by Fire Prevention and the Health Department. A further application (UCC permit) and fee may be required if your business has a different UCC use group classification than the previous occupant.

STEP 1 Click here for the Change of Use application 

STEP 2 Mail or bring your application to the Building Department, along with the fee of $100 in exact cash or check payable to Borough of Ringwood.


TIP: Missing information prolongs the review process, so be sure to submit a complete and detailed application. Many applicants assume that the Building Department can fill in "Use Group" and "Construction Classification" but we do not have that information. Click the links below to search for your use group and construction classification. Also, don't leave any sections blank – if something is not applicable to your business, indicate that on the application.


Use and Occupancy Classification (2021)

Construction Classification (2021)

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