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Updated 4/28/21:

 NJEDA Small Business Emergency Assistance Grant - Phase 4

CLICK HERE for more information.

Updated 11/13/20:

 Passaic County debuts Small Business Lease Emergency Assistance Grant Program in Partnership with the NJRA.  CLICK HERE for more information.

Update 6/23/2020:

Passaic County Open for Business Map

The County of Passaic has created the Open For Business Map as a way to share information on operational status and service offerings of Passaic County businesses as we recover from COVID-19. The map provides an easy way to find information on local business such as operating hours, pickup and delivery options, and even where to access PPE supplies and installation services.

The tool includes a brief questionnaire for businesses to provide information such as current hours of operation, type of business, customer services and contact information In addition to providing information to the public through the online map, businesses who respond will receive promotional support through a Passaic County tourism representative and See Passaic County
social media posts.

You can click
here to access the map and the questionnaire. Simply select the tab at the top that reads Business Reopening Questionnaire and get your business on the map. We encourage you to share the map with your friends, family, neighbors, and favorite businesses, and as always, support local businesses for your daily needs.

Update 6/23/2020:

Passaic County and NJEDA Partner to Administer $10 Million in CARES Act-Funded Grants for Passaic County Businesses

Companies should apply as soon as possible!

Apply at

Passaic County New Jersey is partnering with the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) to award $10 million in grants to Passaic County businesses through Phase 2 of the Authority’s Small Business Emergency Assistance Grant Program. Passaic County is providing the funds and they will be distributed only to businesses located in Passaic County. Business owners can apply for funding at  

Visit the following link to answer questions:

The $10 million grant program allocated for Passaic County businesses and organizations is part of Phase 2 of the NJEDA’s Small Business Emergency Assistance Grant Program. The county grant program will allow businesses and non-profits with fewer than 25 employees to apply for the grant, on a first come, first serve basis. The application is live and available at Applications are due June 30th, 2020.

 “Passaic County is known for being one of the most diverse counties in the state, and this extends into our local businesses and organizations. This pandemic has taken a toll on so many of our local entrepreneurs and grass roots organizations,” stated Freeholder Director Sandi Lazzara. “In addition to increasing resources like testing and food assistance, the county freeholder board is making sure our local businesses and social service agencies are given the support they need in these difficult times.”

The NJEDA launched the first round of the Small Business Emergency Assistance Grant Program on April 3 with $5 million in NJEDA funds. This phase provided grants up to $5,000 to a precisely targeted subset of businesses that had been hit particularly hard by the Coronavirus outbreak. Phase 2 of the program provides grants up to $10,000 to a significantly expanded variety of businesses and nonprofits with up to 25 full-time employees, including sole proprietorships and home-based businesses, which were excluded from Phase 1. To ensure equitable access for businesses in economically disadvantaged communities, $15 million of Phase 2 funding is reserved for businesses in census tracts that were eligible to be designated as Opportunity Zones.

“Our residents rely on many of the services and resources that our local businesses and organizations offer on a daily basis. Our partnership with the NJEDA will help make sure that our small businesses and support agencies have funding to keep serving our residents and families,” stated Freeholder Director Lazzara. 

Update 6/3/2020:

New Jersey Economic Development Authority Announces Phase 2 of the Business Emergency Assistance Grant Program

NJEDA Small Business Emergency Assistance Grant Program (The Phase 2 application opens Tuesday, June 9, at 9:00 a.m.)

Start date: June 9, 2020Visit the following link to apply or for more information:


The Small Business Administration is offering up to $2 million loans for small businesses and private non-profits. Loans may be used to pay fixed debts, payroll, accounts payable and other bills. The interest rate is up to 3.75 percent for small businesses and 2.75 percent for non-profits. Loan terms are up to 30 years and the SBA will determine an appropriate payment based on the financial condition of the borrower. For more information go to or calling 1-800-659-2955.

IRS is offering refundable payroll tax credits for businesses and nonprofits that keep their employees during the health crisis. The credit is equal to 50 percent of quarterly employee wages up to $10,000 per worker.

Paid leave tax credits are also available for employers providing coronavirus related leave to their employees. The credit gives a 100 percent match for leave given to employees sick with coronavirus, capped at $511 a day for ten days. Employers can also receive credit for providing employees with leave to care for a sick relative or deal with childcare issues, capped at $200 a day for ten days.

The government will make advanced payments of the tax credit. Companies can also defer some of their payroll taxes to next year to free up cash. More information can be found at

The federal stimulus bill helps you keep employees on payroll. The Paycheck Protection Program provides eight weeks of cash-flow assistance through federally backed loans to small employers who maintain their payroll during the emergency and do not take the tax credit.

Any portion of the loan used to cover payroll, interest on mortgage obligations, rent, and utilities may be forgiven. Payments are deferred for six months, fees are waived and there is no prepayment penalty. The program is retroactive to February 15, 2020 and covered expenses incurred until June 30. For more information and an application go to: 

  • Non-profits including 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(19) organizations with under 500 employees are eligible. This includes religious institutions and schools gig economy workers.
  • The size of the loans equals up to 250 percent of an employer’s average monthly payroll with a maximum loan amount of $10 million.
  • Covered payroll costs include salary, wages, payment of cash tips (up to an annual rate of pay of $100,000), employee group health care benefits, including insurance premiums, retirement contributions and covered leave.
  • Loans are expected to be available Friday, April 3rd through existing SBA-certified lenders, FDIC insured institutions, credit unions or financial technology lender that has signed up for the program.

The New Jersey Economic Development Authority has created a number of programs to help small and medium sized businesses. To see which state programs you may be eligible for go to or call 609-858-6767. Applications will be available before Friday, April 3rd.  

  • Small Business Emergency Assistance Grant Program. Grants up to $5,000 to small businesses to stabilize their operations and reduce the need for layoff or furloughs.
  • Small Business Emergency Assistance Loan Program. Working capital loans up to $100,000 to businesses with less than $5 million in revenues. Loans will be for 10 year terms with zero percent interest for the first 5 year and the prevailing floor rate capped at 3 percent for the remaining 5 years.
  • Small Business Emergency Assistance Guarantee Program. Provides guarantees on working capital loans and waives fees on loans made through institutions participating in existing EDA lending programs.
  • Emergency Technical Assistance Program. Provides technical support to New Jersey-based companies applying for State and US Small Business Association programs.

A small to medium size business survey is currently being conducted by EDA to develop new programs and initiatives to support the COVID response. The survey can be found at



CLICK HERE for more information.