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Passaic County Mosquito Control

 For questions regarding Public Health topics, please contact the follow:

Jeannette Davison, Public Health Nurse Supervisor:
Handles immunizations, public health clinics and public health screenings.  (973) 962-4343
Jessica Kelly, Chilton Health Educator:
This service is part of a contract the Borough has with Chilton Medical Center and provides community outreach for a number of health related services in the Borough.  (973) 831-5455

Pursuant to NJAC 7:30.9.10(e), Passaic County Mosquito Control has provided municipalities with information regarding spraying for adult mosquitoes in the county.  For more information, please contact the Passaic County Mosquito Control Commission at (973) 305-5754 or

Adult spraying itineraries will be posted on the PC Mosquito Commission website and on their hotline.

Mosquito Proof Your yard

Frequently Asked Questions

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Zika Virus Information

For the latest information on Zika, you may click on the following links:

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Mosquito Bite Prevention Tips

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