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Would you like to be added to Ringwood's DO NOT SOLICIT list?

For more information or to be added to the list, please call the Clerk's Office at 973-962-7100 or email

Please be sure to provide your name, address and contact number.

Pursuant to Borough Ordinance 2018-12 

The Municipal Clerk shall prepare and maintain a list of those properties within the Borough where the owner or tenant has notified the Municipal Clerk that canvassing, soliciting, peddling or hawking is not permitted on the premises.  A copy of the "Do Not Solicit List" shall be provided to every person applying for a license as peddler, hawker, solicitor or canvasser as defined by Section 4-1-1.  The licensee shall not canvas, solicit, peddle or hawk any address on the Do Not Solicit List.