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Office of Emergency Management

The Borough of Ringwood Office of Emergency Management is a stand alone component of the Municipal government.  The office works closely with Federal, State, County and local agencies to assure the coordination of large scale events.  It plans for, coordinates and directs operations at large scale civil emergencies that usually require the coordinated efforts of multiple components of municipal government, outside agencies and local volunteer groups.

During planning activities, emergency response and recovery of the office is comprised of a Coordinator, assisted by two (2) Deputy Coordinators, a Public Information Officer, a Secretary and numerous volunteers, including the Local Emergency Planning Council (see LEPC Members below).

Listed below are sites that residents can go to for further information on being prepared in case of an emergency:

Other related sites:

Local Emergency Planning Council Members

Patrick M. Murray

Deputy Coordinator - Operations
Scott Heck

Deputy Coordinators - IT & Equipment
Anthony Lanza 

Sean Noonan

Public Information Officer
Scott Heck

Scott Heck

Board of Education Administrator/School Operation Plans 
Superintendent Dr. Nicholas Bernice 

Ambulance Corps
Captain Phil Kirby

Fire Prevention Bureau
Scott Conley 

Erskine Lakes Volunteer Fire Co.
Chief Matt Finch/Assistant Chief Pat Ranft

Skyline Lakes Volunteer Fire Co.
Chief Nicholas Vitale /Assistant Chief Doug Faber

Ringwood Borough Volunteer Fire Co. #1 (Stonetown)
Chief Timothy Riegel /Assistant Chief Robert Martino

Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services Coordinator (RACES)
Robert Herman/Ken Hansen

Hazardous Materials Coordinator
George Stout           

Public Works
Scott Heck

Terrorism Incident
Patrick M. Murray/Scott Heck

Building Inspector
Michael Hafner

Health & Medical
Zackary Faiola/Jeannette Davison

Shelter/Reception & Care
Doreen Lanza         

Communication/ Alert/Warning
Chief Peter McGinty 

Secretary to the Board
Sylvia Nieves

Underwater Search & Recovery
Chief Lou Schnibbe             

Law Enforcement
Chief Peter McGinty

Contact Information

Phone: (973) 962-7017