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Support for Individuals


The Passaic County Board of Commissioners have launched a new website that will help residents in need to locate services (i.e. medical care, housing, food, job training and more) throughout the county.  All you need to do is enter your zip code and then select the service category you are interested in.  CLICK HERE to visit the site.




Federal Stimulus

The vast majority of New Jersey residents will begin to receive a stimulus check starting in three weeks. Eligibility will be based on 2018 tax filings unless you have already filed your 2019 taxes.

  • Single filers making up to $75,000 will receive $1,200. If you are single and make over $99,000 you will not receive stimulus money. Single filers making more than $75,000 but less than $99,000 will receive a reduced benefit.
  • Married filing jointly making up to $150,000 will receive $2,400. Joint filers making over $198,000 will not receive stimulus money. Joint filers making more than $150,000 but less than $198,0000 will receive a reduced benefit.
  • An additional $500 will be given for each child under 16.

Most wage garnishments to repay debts are temporarily suspended. That includes student loans in default and late taxes. The waiver does not include people who are behind on child support.

Out of work

Any worker, including freelance and part-time, who is out of work or getting fewer hours because their job was impacted by the emergency is eligible for unemployment benefits.

The benefit is 60 percent of your average weekly wage, up to $713 a week. The federal stimulus provides an additional $600 a week through July 31st and expands benefits by 13 weeks to a total of 39 weeks. New Jersey has waived the waiting period so benefits will be available as soon as you are approved.  To apply visit or by phone.

Northern Region: 201-601-4100

Central Region: 732-761-2020

Southern Region: 856-507-2340

When filing a claim, callers are encouraged during a designated window based on the last 4 digits of their social security number.

            0000-1250 between 8am and 9am

            1251-2500 between 9am and 10am

            2501-3750 between 10am and 11am

            3751-5000 between 11am and 12pm

            5001-6250 between 12pm and 1pm

            6251-7500 between 1pm and 2pm

            7501-8750 between 2pm and 3pm

            8751-9999 between 3pm and 4pm

Anyone missing their timeframe can try to call again between 4pm and 7pm.

Common Eligibility Questions:

I am a gig-worker, freelancer or independent contractor: Eligible

I was about to start a new job and now cant because of the outbreak: Eligible

I have been advised by a health care provider to quarantine myself: Eligible 

Unemployed and have a COVID-19 diagnosis or need to care for a family member: Eligible

I am a part-time worker: Eligible

My employer shut down because of coronavirus: Eligible

I quit because I dont like my job: Not Eligible

Leave Programs: Workers that are sick, quarantined, or taking care of a sick family member are eligible for sick or paid leave, including family leave and temporary disability. Quarantined healthcare workers are also eligible for workerscompensation benefits. For more information visit

If you are looking for work or employees New Jersey has created a job portal with available and in-demand jobs. There are currently 43,000 openings on the site which you can find at


The federal government has extended the deadline to file taxes to July 15th. New Jersey has not decided on an extension at this point.


If you lost your job and your healthcare coverage you can apply through the Individual Marketplace. Loss of a job is a qualifying event making you eligible to enroll. To enroll go to

For the next two months, Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield is allowing employers to maintain coverage for employees who have been furloughed, temporarily laid off, or whose hours have been dramatically reduced. 

Mortgage & Rental Assistance

If you are impacted by COVID-19 over 40 banks and credit unions and services will provide a 90 day forbearance, provide relief from fees and charges, without negative credit reporting. These institutions will not initiate foreclosures for the next 60 days. If you want to utilize this relief you should contact your servicer directly.

This forbearance program does not include businesses. It is expected that a separate program specifically for business owners struggling to pay their mortgage will be announced in the near future. Business owners should still contact their lenders to see if they can obtain relief.

The Governor has also established a moratorium on removing individuals from their homes due to eviction or foreclosure proceedings. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have suspended all foreclosures as well.

Student Loans

All payments on student loans held by the federal government have been automatically suspended until September 30, 2020. You can still choose to pay down your principal or make no payments at all. Your loan will not accrue interest and if you are working to qualify for loan forgiveness the 6 months of suspended payments will still count towards your 120 month total.

If your loan is not held by the federal government check with your lender to see how they are handling student loans. This includes Discover, Sallie Mae, and Wells Fargo. State borrowers should contact the Higher Education Student Assistance Authority at

Retirement Accounts

In 2020 there will be no required minimum distribution from workplace retirement savings plans like a 401(k). That way you are not forced to sell investments that may have fallen in value.

You can withdraw money from your I.R.A. or retirement plan early with out a penalty if it is related to the outbreak. You can take out up to $100,000 with out the 10 percent penalty. You can also spread out the income taxes owed on the withdraw over three years and put the money back before the three years are up. You qualify if you, a spouse or dependent tested positive or experienced negative economic consequences.

Food Assistance

New Jersey expanded its food assistance programs including SNAP and WIC. Current enrollees in these programs will see increased benefits for March and April placed onto their debit cards. If you need to apply for assistance go to

If you need immediate food assistance you can find local food pantries online. To find nearby food banks visit or visit for more information.

Or Ringwood Residents can visit for the Center for Food Action, located at 145 Carletondale Road in Ringwood.  The phone number to make appointments is 201-529-2029.


All New Jersey electric, gas, water, and sewer companies, both public and private, have agreed to halt service shut offs during the emergency.

Volunteer Opportunities

New Jersey is asking for medical professionals who may be retired or otherwise inactive in the state to volunteer. If you are willing to do so please go to

If you have Personal Protective Equipment that you would like to donate or have a lead on a company that is interested in selling the equipment please submit the information to

For opportunities to volunteer during the emergency visit