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Mission Statement of the Ringwood Police Department

The Police Department, in serving the residents of Ringwood, strives to reduce crime and provide a safe Municipality by:

  • Recognizing that the goal is to help people and provide assistance at every opportunity;
  • Provide prevention, investigative and enforcement services;
  • Increase citizen satisfaction with public safety and obtaining community cooperation through the Department's training, skills, efforts and
  • Realizing that the Police Department alone cannot control crime but must act in concert with the community and the rest of the Criminal Justice System.
In achieving this mission, the officers of the Ringwood Police Department will conduct themselves in an ethical manner. They will:
  • Respect and protect the rights of citizens as determined by law.
  • Treat citizens and their fellow employees courteously and with the same amount of dignity with which they expect to be treated themselves;
  • Be examples of honesty and integrity in their professional and personal lives, thereby earning the public trust;
  • Perform their duties with the knowledge that protection of the lives and property of all citizens is their primary duty.

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Ringwood Police Department
60 Margaret King Ave
Ringwood, NJ 07456
(973) 962-7017

Ringwood Road Information Line
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Emergency Dial 9-1-1