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Snow Removal


Snow removal from Borough streets is a major function of the Department. At the beginning of a storm, salt spreaders are dispatched to salt the main arteries and hills. When there is a 2 inch accumulation, plows and salt spreaders are used to clear and de-ice streets. The Department does not maintain any of the County roads. Residents can assist Borough snow removal operations by not parking on Borough streets during a snowstorm or throwing snow into the street.
See Ordinance 19-4.1

19-4.1 Prohibited Activity.
a. No person shall sweep, shovel, move or place any rock, debris, or snow upon any public street or sidewalk.
b. No owner or occupier of property shall permit any rock, debris, or snow to be swept, shoveled, moved or placed onto any public street or sidewalk.
(1985 Code § 15-4.1)

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